Book Cafe

Book Cafe
By Amber
This week, Miss Major had something special planned for her class. She started the BookCafe! The purpose for the book cafe is for students to find the right book to read that is on their level. We were given a sticky note that had a coloured dot on it. She gave us those sticky notes to find a certain book that has a sticky note on it with same colour dot. We were even given menus, where we can write down short summaries and rate  the books that we read. Miss Major, also gave us all snacks everytime we rotated to a different book. She gave us an appetizer (magic reading beans), an entree (book worms) and dessert (bookmarks). Overall, it was a really fun experience and we got to learn a lot about how to choose books for our literacy circles.

The Grickle Grass Town Council

The Lorax Presentation
By Mickale

Kids from 6M has been doing a project about the book called “The Lorax”. They have to make an argument in certain roles and present it to “The Grickle Grass Council”. Miss Major kept a secret on who the mayor will be for our “Grickle Grass Council”. Eventually when it was the day to present our projects to the council, the mayor was KAREN SORENSEN!!! We told her what our arguments were and why we don’t want the thneed factories and why we do need the thneed factories, once Karen Sorensen heard our arguments, she decided to keep the thneed factories, but, they have to ask permission to the town/city if they could build one there. They also need to make sure that the animals and plants were not causing any trouble from the thneed factory. The council agreed too (Craig). So, the thneed will be still built in a good way and no harm.

Grade 6 Curling Adventures

Grade 6 Curling Adventures By Renz
Grade 6 went a curling adventure thanks to the PAUW foundation. Curling was fun everyone was a really good sport and everyone loved it. We went curling 4 times and then we went to the tournament this past Wednesday.  I learned how to curl and I learned a lot from curling even  how much it costs to upkeep the curling rink. Well I think I   got the hang of it. I learned how to slide and push a really heavy rock all the way down to the button. I am glad we got to go curling because now I enjoy it instead of thinking it is boring.

Grade 6 We Day

Grade 6 We Day By Hershey

We day a time of celebrating being one. Celebrating people making a difference and especially standing up and making the world a better place. All of us had a lot of fun. We saw a lot of cool and inspiring people who make a difference. For me, the hosts were really cool. Summer from wonder was there and a guy named Stuart was there. He didn't have any feet and he walked with his hands.  Stuart had a talk show in we day.  He talked with Miss Universe and that was really cool. He talked with many other people. Another thing that made the show fun was the two djs they were cool. They made us laugh jump and sing also scream. There were a lot of schools that made a difference for the world all of them got seen by this big white light that was hanging on the roof then got introduced by Summer. Well that's what we day is all about making a difference.    


Thanksgiving By Clare
Thanksgiving is important to me because it is a time to gather with friends and give thanks for what we have, not what we don't have. Although most families celebrate Thanksgiving, everyone celebrates in a different way or at a different time. My family celebrates by going over to our friends house and eating turkey and chocolate cake.

Election Day at BES

Election Day at BES By Talia
Today, Banff is having an municipal election. Grade 6 from BES is putting together the student vote for this year gr 4,5,6 and 7. My group is campaigning for Wade Rettie. Each group is campaigning for a different candidate. First we had to search up information on what our candidate wants to do if they gets elected. Then we had created a public service announcement to share with BES. It was a bit challenging because there was not a lot of information on our candidate.  Learning about the election is important because if we need to be responsible citizens and vote.

BES Terry Fox Run

BES Terry Fox Run By Kayden
Terry Fox is a Canadian boy, he attempted to run across Canada. He died June 28, 1981. He ran to raise money for cancer research. The Terry Fox run is important because it raises money for people like Terry, who have cancer. BES did a Terry Fox run and everyone brought a toonie for Terry. Some of the kids ran in the high school field and some ran to the Bow Falls and back. There was lots of kids encouraging littler kids and helping people who need it. Overall, it was a great day for a great cause!